Journal of Neurophysiology

Neuronal integration and the depolarizing effects of axonal GABAA receptors

Thomas J. Younts, Sachin Makani


Despite their presence throughout the central nervous system, the impact of axonally expressed gamma-amino-butyric acid type-A receptors (GABAARs) on neuronal signaling is just beginning to be understood. A recently published article (Pugh JR and Jahr CE, J Neurosci 31: 565–574, 2011) tackled this important issue by investigating GABAAR-mediated function in axons of cerebellar granule cells. The results of Pugh and Jahr indicate parallel fiber GABAARs enhance neurotransmitter release probability and boost axonal and somatic excitability.

  • GABAA receptor
  • axon
  • excitability
  • release probability
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