Comparison of information contents of the neuronal responses of duration-informative cells in different basal ganglia nuclei

Information ContentSNrSNcGPe
Positive ResponseNegative ResponsePositive ResponsePositive ResponseNegative Response
MI(reward probability; duration)0.350.380.220.170.18
MI(reward probability; max amplitude)
MI(reward probability; response spike count)0.380.
MI(reward probability; total spike count)0.430.500.280.240.35
MI(reward probability; {duration, max amplitude})0.380.340.260.200.19
MI(reward probability; {duration, response spike count})0.380.380.270.200.19
MI(reward probability; {duration, total spike count})0.440.520.330.270.38
Norm Synergy(max amplitude; duration)−0.63−0.44−0.54−0.43−0.57
Norm Contrib(reward prob.; duration; max amplitude)0.320.560.340.470.39
Norm Contrib(reward prob.; max amplitude; duration)
Norm Synergy(res spike count; duration)−0.91−0.49−0.81−0.91−0.16
Norm Synergy(reward prob.; duration; res spike count)0.000.510.090.000.78
Norm Contrib(reward prob.; res spike count; duration)
Norm Synergy (total spike count; duration)−0.76−0.65−0.50−0.49−0.37
Norm Contrib(reward prob.; duration; total spike count)
Norm Contrib(reward prob.; total spike count; duration)
  • Mean over positive and negative response duration-informative cells of MI, normalized synergy, and contribution between the reward probability and the different response features.