Table 1.

Summary of control model cell and synaptic parameters

Intrinsic BurstingRegular FiringInhibitory
Number of cells100300100
Input resistance, MΩ45110164
Membrane time constant, ms202015
Resting potential, mV−60−60−60
Synaptic delay, ms1.2 ± 0.61.2 ± 0.61.2 ± 0.6
Extrinsic input synaptic conductance, nS841.5
Mean recurrent input synaptic conductance, nS
 GABAA 204
 GABAB 0.50.2
  • Synaptic conductances are the peak amplitude of each time-dependent conductance. For simulations of epileptogenesis, input resistances and time constants of excitatory neurons were increased and recurrent input conductances were varied as indicated in text; the recurrent conductance values listed here are the “standard” values, corresponding to “1.0” in Fig. 5.