Table 3.

Na+ channel parameters

ParameterType A NeuronType B Neuron
Maximum conductance, nS400.0400.0
Equilibrium potential, mV99.099.0
 Exponent ofm 33
V 50, mV−45.0−45.0
s, mV5.05.0
 τmax, ms1.01.0
 Exponent of h 11
V 50, mV−60.0−60.0
s, mV5.09.0
 τmax, ms20.020.0
Recovery from inactivation
 τmax, ms120.040.0
  • Parameters used in Eqs. 1 and 2 for simulation of the sodium current in type A and type B neurons. The only differences between the 2 simulations were in the sparameter and the time constant of recovery from inactivation, τmax.