Mean rate and distribution of responses of SNr neurons to task events

MonkeynMean Rate, Spikes/sPre-Cue, %Cue, %Go, %Reward, %
  • Only neurons with at least 10 responses to one behavioral event are included. Mean discharge rate is calculated during the ITI at the 500-ms epoch starting 1,500 ms before the Pre-Cue. Percentages are given as the number of significant responses divided by the number of neurons with minimal number of trials recorded for that event. Significant responses were defined as 20% deviation of discharge rate from baseline. Similar results were obtained using a formal Mann–Whitney analysis (P < 0.05). Because a single neuron could respond to more than one event, the sum of responses could exceed 100%. Bipolar responses were classified according to the largest response. Inc, increase; Dec, decrease; Tot, total.